In HAWAI'I, it's always the season of giving. The holiday season is celebrated as a time of giving in many places. In Hawaii, there is a purer form of exchange that doesn't wait for December. It is called aloha, and it's part of everyday in the islands. GIVE THE GIFT OF ALOHA...And Share the JOYS and foundation of sharing. SHARING kindness, harmony, happiness, and humility. Aloha was the working philosophy of the native Hawaiians, and was used to extend warmth in caring with no obligation in return. The practices of ALOHA were passed down from generation to generation. This holiday season, in addition to your thoughtful giving, let's take part in the timeless tradition of sharing ALOHA, because everyone, no matter where they live, can LIVE ALOHA.

 Share the ocean lifestyle with our

Hawaiian Holistic Wellness Spa's Gift Certificates. Give yourself, and the ones you adore the gift of hands-on healing, or integrated bodywork. A massage does so much more than just feel good. It helps your body to stay grounded, eliminate toxins through the lymphatic system, gives your circulatory system a boost of energy, and brings about a state of peace and harmony. It is the path less traveled in our hectic world.It is the gift that is all about THEM receiving. The best gift EVER. Restoration through a return to traditional Hawaiian values, restoring the stream of habits, re-establishing the mountain to ocean connection...the water knows the way! Gift certificates are the way to share the special dance of self care, and the reconnection stories of self love, for the ALOHA to live on, and share the beauty of Hawaii with your friends and family.

  THE GIFT OF LeGuerisseur


Gift certificates are available for all services, spa packages, Fitness, and or a dol- lar amount. Give the gift of an experience. The gift that truly keeps on giving. Get a Mahalo         Back!

Aloha! I am honored to be of service to you. Mahalo ma la ma, Thank you for taking care of yourself and thank you for making Aloha Wellness Spa, Na Hoo La, "many healers" a part of your health and wellness team.

Copyright laws apply.   Maria Toro

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