We are a private Pilates studio that believes the power of "everybody needs" Pilates. Not only for your best body, it heals! Self-love is the single most important catalyst to personal and physical transformation.

We believe that the human body should be prepared to perform at any given moment and that the best foundation for fitness is a routine that supports your real life, and all your activities. We believe that the combination of resistance training, bodyweight training and a focused mental approach to symmetrical strengthening is the formula for anybody in any condition at any age. Experience our corrective exercise for your best-balanced body. We have safe exercises for all.

EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE STUDIO: Pilates Body Integration for Health and wellness.

After analyzing your posture, gait, body mechanics, condition of soft tissues, and lifestyle, we come up with a specific scientific treatment plan for you. We currently offer private personal training, and Pilates body integration sessions Monday thru Saturday. These corrective rehabilitation workouts, are geared with realigning your body properly & effectively. We offer many options to fit your time and budget. From 45 minute to hour sessions. This is where we take our bodywork to unparalleled  levels holistically. Our massage treatments will  heal soft tissue structurally, with tailored exercise to  accomplish flexibility, strength, balance, better body awareness while educating. Our dynamic program combines pilates reformers, and towers, Ladder Barrel, and Chair, Suspension/Resistance (TRX), Yin Yoga stretches, free weights, Ballet Barre, Kettle balls, medicine balls, bands, and so much more.  Exercise built around your massage treatments,  constructed around your specific constitution. Movement without pain. Sculpting your body back to health. Toning your way to pain-free. Improving posture, while motivating, because we rise together!

 Our mission is to ignite body positivity, awareness, and healing with our community through which you build confidence, and vitality by the principal teachings of Pilates: concentration, control, center, position, breath and fluidity. Thru the repair work of therapeutic massage, and therapy, sound healing, aromatherapy, and other healing modalities, for a WHOLE_BODY, holistic approach to health and wellness expressed by self-love, and self-care.

 Our goal is to create a structured, focused, and healing environment as you explore the principles of Pilates, and bodywork, while developing greater self-awareness of body, mind, and spirit. We foster attitudes of body positivity and self-care. We want to help you feel inspired and centered, both biomechanically and mentally. Our ultimate goal is to enable our clients to practice Pilates the way Joseph Pilates intended, empowering you to bring the strength, focus, and grace you cultivate in the studio out into the world.


 Pilates helps professional athletes increase their performance. Specialty classes for specific sports is our big hit! Pilates exercises are incredibly versatile and can be modified to meet the needs of almost every demographic in our community. Pilates for:

  • Junior, semi-pro and pro athletes

  • Weekend Golfers

  • Equestrians

  • Cyclists

  • Teens, adults and older patrons who want to stay fit for many years

  • Pilates for pregnant women, or recently pregnant


LeGuerisseur Integrated Bodywork creates  and provides one of a kind training for all fitness enthusiasts. With our signature programs, we train athletes, and moms, and teach students to become champions of their own bodies. We work with weekend warriors,  and fledgling entrepreneurs to nurture our next generation of body awareness, we believe that we will hold value in your life with your body, empowering you in your own knowledge with mind connection, furthering value with energy expansion/awareness...higher frequency!

We inspire students to greatness,  to excellence and to evolve and expand.

We look forward to meeting you


New to Pilates? New students have access to the special Introductory Package described below. Here’s the perfect way to dip a toe in the Pilates tropical water. Try five private sessions at the hands of our expert instructors, and feel for yourself why Pilates is truly the most efficient and effective workout. And remember you can always try a single session or semi private with no commitment or membership fees. These sessions introduces you to the language, and basic concepts of the “Core or Powerhouse” the Pilates Method utilizes. The trainer will design a program based on your personal body assessment, and evaluation of your specific goals and needs.

$350 (5 pack) =$70/45minutes


Our signature service! LeGuerisseur Pilates private sessions are the most comprehensive Pilates sessions available. Executed on our Balanced Body Pilates equipment according to the LeGuerisseur Pilates principles, and system of delivery, you simply can’t find a better workout. Let us pair you up with your defined goals, and start your Pilates transformation. In a Private Pilates session, you experience a 45 minute session tailored to your body’s level, and desired focus while utilizing equipment. A private allows a unique whole body experience of discovery and awareness, while strengthening, toning and increasing flexibility.

$75/45 minutes


(10) $700 = $70/session

(15) $975 = $65/session

(20) $1200 = $60/session

(30) $1650 = $55/session

(40) $2000 =$50/session

(50) $2250 = $45/session


Be a part of something authentic, and healing. Our Open Level Semi Privates are your chance to work out with multiple apparatus in small focus group of 2 max. Get one on one hands on time with your favorite instructor. These workouts are the closest you can get to a perfect blend of group training with private sessions so you can maximize your time and results. LeGuerisseur offers Semi-Private Pilates that accommodates two clients only. Workout simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates teacher on the Pilates equipment. Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates, and motivate you and your partner to continue your movement practice. You must provide your own partner.



Our Open Private Small Group classes are your chance to work out with multiple apparatus in small focus group of 4. LeGuerisseur offers Private Small Group Pilates that accommodates four clients only. Workout simultaneously under the instruction of a Pilates teacher on the Pilates equipment. These nearly Semi-privates are a great way to lower the cost of Pilates, and motivate you and your community to continue your movement practice. Supporting each other in a happy, positive, motivated environment. Pilates principles infused, and safe system of delivery, you simply can’t find a better workout. Let us pair you up with your defined goals, and start your Pilates transformation.


Join us on the mat, or your equipment from the comfort of your home or office! Due to very high demand, we now offer an online  Pilates fitness sessions, delivered by one of our all star instructors via Skype or FaceTime . Wherever you happen to be, now you don’t have to miss the LeGuerisseur Pilates  fitness way! Book your online session now!   simply send us an email, text or call, and provide your best availability for an online session, we are happy to coordinate with your schedule!


Joseph Pilates developed his Pilates exercises for a balanced best body. These are the six main Pilates principles from Joseph Pilates' original work:

  1. Concentration By focusing on your mind-body awareness, the better connection you establish with your body, and the more benefits you gain from your workouts. It's better to do each exercise slowly and precisely, than with incorrect form or posture.

  2. Centering By paying attention to the muscles of the core (the Pilates Powerhouse), you will help all of your bodies' muscles function and develop more efficiently.

  3. Control In Pilates, slow and steady wins the race. Control, rather than intensity or repetition, is key to performing the exercises correctly. All movements should be performed with precision, to gain the maximum benefits.

  4. Breathing Controlling your breath with deep exhalations as you perform each exercise helps activate your muscles and keep you focused.

  5. Precision Practice makes perfect. Proper form is essential to ensure you gain the most benefit and keep your body healthy.

  6. Flow Each Pilates motion should be smooth and graceful. Try to create the grace of a dancer or a gymnast in your practice.

Aloha! I am honored to be of service to you. Mahalo ma la ma, Thank you for taking care of yourself and thank you for making Aloha Wellness Spa, Na Hoo La, "many healers" a part of your health and wellness team.

Copyright laws apply.   Maria Toro

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