Monday, and Wednesday mornings at  9.

Each session is 45 minutes

$35 - Credit Card Only

We begin exactly on the hour for 45-minute sessions. Late entry is strictly prohibited. Please allow 5 minutes for the current class to exit, and wait quietly in the hall. We will accept students 10 minutes before class begins. Wear comfortable clothing. You must wear socks or ballet slippers. Bring your yoga mat, or rent one from us for $3

You can purchase at spa location, packages of: 

5 -  $163, once per week

10 - $300, two sessions per week

20 - $550, three sessions per week

*Packages enable you to reserve your spot in class, it also reduces the cost per session. 

*All packages expire after 90-days and are non-transferable. 


This summer we will be trying some new things at Leguerisseur Healing Center on Mercer Island, including our hand crafted "STRETCHRASSAGE" classes. The intention of this class allows me to guide you, mindfully, with your breathe work thru a full stretching series, similar to pilates or yoga poses, only a little more catered to how the human bodies are feeling in the class on that day, while the main focus is on restoration. The importance of massage, and therapeutic touch is life-altering. Massage allows you to connect with your body, in a very in depth way. 

Therapeutically treat your tired muscles for ultimate health!

Every-body needs it.


This is a great way to be introduced to therapeutic touch, especially if it is your first time! Chances are, you will be back!


The other intention is for you to receive regular massages more frequently.


This is to be the ultimate restorative experience... And because it is me, you bet sound healing, gemstones, and aromatherapy will be apart of this holistic experience. Stretchrassage is a new option of mindfulness, stretching, with massage touch! It takes place in a small group environment, space is limited.

 Stretchrassage allows you TIME AND SPACE,  to connect with your body, it allows you to connect to your mind a chance to rest, and restore! Its a way to connect whole body, holistically, so you can live a high vibrational lifestyle.


When you join us you can expect to walk into a room with floor to ceiling windows, with luscious green trees, as if in a tree fort! A lovely, magical, healing space.


We will have AM and PM classes available. Our evening classes will be in a warm dark room, candlelit. You can bring your yoga mat, or rent one of ours. Essential oils in our diffusers. Sound healing music playing.


Class begins with the focus on breathe, allowing you into the present moment.


The first position takes place, with your comfort in mind...think slow yin yoga poses/stretching, coupled with Thai massage, an excellent opportunity to get an understanding of and feeling for this ancient art, and other healing techniques. Thai yoga works on the ‘Ten Sen’ energy lines (analogous to acupuncture meridians) through which our natural life force flows. I'll use my hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points along these lines, combining that with gentle stretching derived from a yin Yoga practice. This releases blocked energy and frees the body’s own natural healing potential, thus reducing fatigue and enhancing health and harmony, and is brilliant for managing stress, improve flexibility, agility and relaxation. It is very effective for aiding recovery from injuries, as well as helping to prevent injury.Each client gets massage in each position. We will also use lacrosse balls, and foam rollers for part of the classes self-massage series. To open your fascia and get that yummy myofascial release! Class ends with a warm towel to the feet, after a foot massage. By the end of class, you will feel, completely restored, with a head to toe experience like none other. Remember to bring your water bottle, we have a place for you to fill it up.


Space is limited .

Classes are expected to fill up fast.  

You will be expected to pay in advance for to hold your space. 

Class Price is nonrefundable if you cannot show or no-show .

You can purchase packages of 

5-  $175, come once a week.

10- $350, come twice a week.

20- $700, come three times a week.

25- $875, come four times a week.

30- $1050, come everyday!

We can set you up on a standing schedule if you desire.

All packages expire if not used in three months. 

Packages are non-transferable.

You may purchase class online, and text (206)941-8560 to reserve your space in class.

Doors open 10 minutes before class begins. Please wait quietly in hall. Class Begins promptly at scheduled time. No late arrivals accepted.

Aloha! I am honored to be of service to you. Mahalo ma la ma, Thank you for taking care of yourself and thank you for making Aloha Wellness Spa, Na Hoo La, "many healers" a part of your health and wellness team.

Copyright laws apply.   Maria Toro

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